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Sunstone Adventures is a UK & NZ based adventure guiding company specialising in providing expertly guided treks/mountaineering in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and powder skiing & snowboard adventures in Gulmarg (Kashmir, India), Iran, Japan & NZ.

Ski & Snowboard Japan

Steep trees and big mountain lines to compliment epic powder across a range of 7 ski resorts and other secret day trip spots too... and more often than not it's snowing!

Unlike many other Japanese resorts Hakuba offers access to huge, open backcountry terrain - the start of the extensive Japanese Alps. The highest mountainous region in Japan. So you can mix up the ridiculously good tree skiing with big, steep burly 1000m vertical lines! It's only a 4 hour train ride from Tokyo too! Purrrrfect.

There are great bars and restaurants in the laid back 'Echoland' area of Hakuba too where you can hang out with like-minded powder junkies, find cute girls (or guys) and still have a party any night if you want to let's a holiday after all right!

They have a great concept in Japan which is Izakaya - a drinking establishment (pub) which serves food to accompany your drinks. A bit like tapas. You can rock up to the bar drink great beer and have a variety of 'food to die for' served up right under your schnose after getting ya face smashed all day in the powder!

So we've got POWDER, we've got great PEOPLE, we've got killer FOOD and what would top it all off????...maybe some kind of natural hot springs to add to the equation and YES you have it - ONSEN! Japanese have become obsessive about bathing in the Onsen and I guess so have I.....

On the other side of your powder gorging, food hogging and boiling bones shenanigans you can grab some pretty cool local culture too. While you're here why not check out snow monkeys, famous castles and of course one of the most incredible mega-cities in the world - the big smoke of Tokyo. A great way to start or end your mission!

For those less inclined for the wild west destinations of Gulmarg (Kashmir, India) or Iran, Japan could be the wife (or husband) pleasing deal with all the big ski resort facilities on ski school for the kids ;-)

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