1) Choose your Destination:

New Zealand or Japan?

2) Choose your Style:

A) Ski hosting - ski a variety of resorts

B) Backcountry guided Tour - multi-day ski touring from hut to hut + powder resorts

C) Heli-ski guided Tour - Heliskiing with some local attractions & ski resorts

New Zealand:

Choose 3,4 or 5 days and your region:

Canterbury-Craigieburn or Mackenzie-Mt.Cook?

(all accessed from Christchurch international airport)

1) Canterbury-Craigieburn Range

a) 'CraigieCruiser' - Ski a variety of Canterbury's best skifields across the Craigieburn Range (Ski Hosting)

b) 'CraigieBurner' - multi-day ski touring from hut to hut across the Craigieburn Range (Backcountry ski touring)

c) 'The Kea' - Helskiing the Arrowsmith range with some local resorts too (Heli-skiing)

2) Mackenzie-Mount Cook

a) 'MackExplorer' - The best ski resorts in the MacKenzie Country (Ski Hosting)

b) 'The Big Mack' - multi-day ski touring from hut to hut across the Two Thumbs Range (Backcountry ski touring)

c) 'MackAttack' - Helskiing the Mount Cook range with some local resorts too (Heli-skiing)

d) 'The Endeavour' - Fly into a high mountain hut base - skin & ski epic lines (Backcountry ski touring)

e) 'The Flying Dutchman' (Tasman Glacier) - Cruisey powder turns on the longest glacier in NZ (1 day) - which can be added onto above trips (Scenic Flight/intermediate skiing)


Choose 5, 7 or 9 days

(all accessed from Tokyo international airports - 4 hour train ride to Nagano area)


1) HakubaCruiser - ski a variety of the Hakuba ski resorts (Ski Hosting)

2) Hakuban - Ski tour backcountry runs and the best powder resorts (Backcountry ski touring)

3) Cortina HighFlyers - Based at powder trap Cortina with Helskiing to boot (Heli-skiing/Side Country)

Contact Paul now to enquire about availability, your choice of days and we'll put togther a detailed itinerary and pricing for you :-)


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Ted skinnning up in the Craigieburn Range.

Ted skinnning up in the Craigieburn Range.


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Is tipping required?

No - it is not culture to tip in New Zealand but if you would like to please feel free to. Nor is it custom in Japan so just pay the price requested - easy peasy!


Are there any hidden extras or surcharges?

No. All our adventures include all transport, meals, accommodation but you will need to bring your ski/snowboard equipment, or let us know and we can arrange hire. Once you leave home there is little to spend, just drinks & lunches. 


What of the weather doesn't play ball?

Sometimes in the Southern Alps we'll have a stormy period of days, often we'll be able to ski but if we can't we'll make it up with a local tourist destination or area of interest, a few drinks and while in the knowledge it's snowing hard and  when it clears IT'LL BE ALL TIME!


Can I organise a bespoke/tailor made itinerary?

Yes. Sunstone prides itself on understanding the requirements of the individual or group, as we’re all a bit different, so we can deliver to your expectations. If the general specified departure dates are not suitable, or you would like to vary the itinerary, we would be happy to tailor a programme to suit you.


How fit do I need to be?

For the ski hosting moderately, for backcountry tours we'll be mostly under our own steam skinning up slopes to ski down them so we recommended 6 weeks training and a few ski days under your belt to ensure feet & legs are conditioned. Both NZ & Japan do not have high altitude over 3000m so preparation can be left to good fitness - NO ACCLIMATISATION IS NEEDED. It is advised you prepare well before your ski adventure. Please advise your guide of any health or previous medical issues.

Skinning up  a backcountry bowl north of Craigieburn Valley Ski Field.

Skinning up  a backcountry bowl north of Craigieburn Valley Ski Field.


Recommended Travel Tips:



Careful consideration of the equipment you take is essential in any mountain environment. Make sure your skis/snowboards, boots, poles & packs are all in shape and ATS & Avalanche equipment is current. With every Adventure Trip Plan we will outline the essential items you will need but here are some tips on gear, stuff and things that might make your adventure just that little bit sweeter!


Hydration Avalanche Equipment - Transceiver, Shovel & Probe

If you don't have Avi gear we can hire these for you, offer basic training or have a re-fresh session and get out amongst it.


Hydration sack

This is a great way to ensure you are “topped up” with water regularly to maintain key hydration  – easy and functional. We swear by them!


Duct/Gaffer Tap

You know what they say if you can’t Duck it …. it! Very handy in a variety of situations when something breaks on you! A great temporary or sometimes even permanent fix when those Gore-Tex trousers catch on your ski edges! A great place to store your tape is to wrap it around your ski poles, below the handles so it;s easily accessible on the mountain at all times!



Whatever you call them - flip flops, thongs or Jandals yes those casual things that just slip onto your feet that are super light (to carry and store) and are so cheap they are almost disposable. Great for kicking back in the hut as your 'inside shoes', showering in (to protect from any foot bacteria) or just giving your feet a breather.


Photocopies/Scan your Important Documents

Important to take copies of your important documents for Passport/Visa, insurance documents and itinerary for reference and keep them in an A4 envelope – just in case the unfortunate does happen! Alternatively load them to your portable device.


Wireless Hotspots – bring your laptop / tablet/ iPad

Wireless Hotspots are becoming more and more popular which is great for logging in on your own machine. Laptops are great if you’re on a longer trip for sharing photos, storing video content and watching movies.

Choose your trip and DROP IN!

Choose your trip and DROP IN!